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How Much Does A Sleep Study Cost Without Insurance?

A sleep study is used to diagnose and monitor sleep disorders. It’s usually performed at a hospital or clinic, but home sleep studies are growing in popularity because they’re convenient and less expensive than standard hospital tests.

In this article, we’ll tell you how much a sleep study costs so you can find out if one might be right for you—and what you can do to get one covered by insurance if it isn’t already.

How Much Does a Sleep Study Cost?

The cost of a sleep study may vary depending on the type of study and the location where it is performed. For example, Medicare covers polysomnography at $560 per night for diagnostic purposes but not for treatment or management.

The average cost for an overnight in-lab polysomnography is approximately $1500-2000. Home testing kits can be purchased for between $200-$400 and administered by patients under close supervision from their healthcare provider.

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What is a Home Sleep Study?

A home sleep study is a home sleep apnea test that measures the quality of your sleep. It can be performed in multiple settings, including your home or at a doctor’s office by a sleep medicine doctor.

During a home sleep study, you will:

  • Lie down, ready to go to sleep.
  • Have electrodes attached to your body (this can be done while sleeping).
  • Wear a small device over your chest (like an oxygen sensor) that records heart activity during the night.


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How Does a Home Sleep Study Work?

When you have a sleep study at home, the process is similar to a laboratory-based study. You’ll wear a small sensor called an oximeter on your finger or thumb that measures breathing and heart rate. The device will be connected to a small machine that collects and records data for the night. In the morning, you’ll return the machine with your results.

The advantage of having your sleep study at home is that it gives you more freedom than being confined to an overnight hospital stay or clinic appointment time slot. Since there aren’t any medical staff present during your stay, there are fewer chances for interruptions in testing—which can make it easier for both parties involved in treatment decisions. You can also consult a doctor online for follow-up care after treatment has been completed successfully!

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How Do I Prepare for a Home Sleep Study?

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you might be looking for ways to get the study done without insurance. You may wonder how much a home sleep study costs and if it’s worth it.

To prepare for your home sleep study, there are a couple of things that you should do:

  • Don’t eat or drink after midnight. This is because the equipment used in a home sleep study uses sensors that measure heart rate and breathing patterns during the night. If you have any food or liquids in your mouth when these sensors go into place, they won’t be able to detect accurate readings from their placement on your body.


sleep study cost without insurance


  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol before going to bed on the day of the test, either! Both substances will affect how quickly (or slowly) your body falls asleep at night; this could skew results in either direction depending on what type of sleep you are naturally inclined towards (light or heavy).


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How Long Does a Home Sleep Study Take to Complete?

A home sleep study will typically take between four to six hours. The most important part of the test is the overnight portion, which can last anywhere from three to seven hours, depending on your difficulty sleeping.

It may take less time if you are an experienced sleeper who has not slept well for years. If this is your first night at home with a new sleep apnea device or you’re having trouble sleeping because of anxiety over being tested, it may take longer than usual.

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Home Sleep Study (HST) Insurance Coverage

You may be covered for a home sleep study if you have insurance. The following information will help determine if your provider covers this procedure.

What is covered?

Insurance coverage for HSTs varies by plan and provider, so check with your insurer or review the details of your plan to see if there are any limitations on coverage specific to HSTs.

Some plans may cover only certain types of devices, while others might not cover any device when performed in a doctor’s office or hospital. While most insurers will cover an HST done as part of workplace testing, they may require that it be done by their own medical staff.

If you have out-of-network benefits through work or another source, check with them first before scheduling an appointment with a doctor who performs these tests in their office to ensure that they will cover the cost without charging anything out-of-pocket.

What isn’t covered?

HSTs are considered medically necessary but not “preventive” services under most health plans. Therefore, many insurance companies do not consider them eligible for reimbursement under Medicare Part B (which covers physician visits) or private health plans like those offered through employers and individuals purchasing coverage on the Affordable Care Act Marketplace. This means that out-of-pocket costs can be high—especially given how expensive some sleep studies can be!

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An at home sleep study is a great way to test if you have sleep apnea or other medical problems. It’s also an affordable insomnia treatment online if you don’t have insurance coverage.

The cost of a home sleep study can vary depending on your location, provider, and insurance plan. You may save money by comparing rates from different providers or choosing a clinic close enough to offer discounts for residents.

The good news is that SleepRx can help you get your insomnia under control without breaking the bank. We have insomnia specialists ready to help you find the treatment that will work best for you, and we offer a wide range of payment options to fit any budget!


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