Home Testing for Sleep Apnea

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Take the test at home

Take the test at home

Order and receive our home sleep test equipment and in just one night of sleep, the device records your at-sleep breathing patterns.


Receive results online

Video chat with a doctor

After your data is reviewed and analyzed, you receive a personalized Sleep Report, with prescription and therapy recommendation if diagnosed.


Receive results online

Receive results online

If required, you can schedule an online consultation with one of our board-certified physicians to evaluate your sleep health.

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    Unmatched Accuracy and Service

    Clinical correlation to in-lab PSG test

    Clinical correlation to in-lab PSG test

    Lowest documented failure rate keeps costs low

    Lowest documented failure rate keeps costs low

    Tests subject to clinical review

    Tests subject to clinical review

    ARES™ 620

    Get All the Data You Need from One Convenient Device

    ARESTM 620

    ARESTM Features and Benefits

    The ARESTM provides clear audio and visual indicators for reliability, also making it simple for patients to know when the ARESTM device needs adjustments. Additional features and benefits include:

    Sophisticated Sensors: The most responsive data collectors in a single, small device

    Up to 3 Nights of Single Patient Testing Capabilities: 3 times the single use consecutive night data capacity compared to single night testing

    Multiple Data Channels: Collects nine channels of data for a comprehensive, in-depth clinical sleep analysis

    Easy Airflow Measurements: ARESTM is comfortable to wear for a more natural sleep

    Calibrated Acoustic Microphone: Audio recording of snoring levels

    Measures Head Position: Multi-axis accelerometers allow for a positional analysis

    No Finger Probes: A more natural sleep experience

    Audible Tone: Audio instruction during testing to minimize failure rate

    More Data: With more data gathered, doctors are able to diagnosis patients sooner