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Home Sleep Study

It may be worthwhile for you to undergo a sleep study if you have been struggling to get a good night’s sleep for some time.
How would you feel if you could do an accurate at home sleep study, then receive one-on-one care from an online sleep doctor?
That’s exactly what you can do with SleepRx‘s at-home sleep test. With our telemedicine consultations, board-certified sleep specialists will assist you with sleep study at home within days, improving access to care. A sleep test device will be delivered to your home and data will be collected to provide you with a clinical diagnosis.
Now is the time to schedule your first online consultation and discuss your at-home sleep test with us.

Home Sleep Apnea Test

  • Your doctor may give you a simplified test to use at home to diagnose sleep apnea. In these tests, blood oxygen level, airflow, your heart rate, and breathing patterns are measured. As a result of sleep apnea, the test results will show drops in oxygen levels during apneas and subsequent rises during wakefulness.
  • The doctor may prescribe a therapy without further testing if the results are abnormal. Home sleep studies cannot detect all sleep apnea cases. Despite normal initial results, your doctor may still recommend polysomnography (PSG).

Home Sleep Apnea Test Benefits

Comfort and Schedule

One of the main benefits of a home sleep test is the ability to stay at home and sleep more comfortably without being monitored. The test can be taken immediately or on your own schedule in your own bed and environment.


A home test is more convenient than laboratory studies, especially during the current Coronavirus pandemic when you want to stay away from hospitals and clinics as much as possible.


It does not require you to change your daily routine, such as being with your family, going to work, cooking meals, etc. There is no need to travel. Instead, the equipment is provided at your doorstep.

Why Should You Consider a Home Sleep Study?

As you sleep, your neck and chest muscles relax. If you have sleep apnea, relaxing your neck muscles can narrow your airway and disrupt your breathing.

At-home sleep study is useful for people who suffer from sleep apnea symptoms, such as snoring, sleep choking, dry mouth, daytime tiredness, daily headaches, etc. Sleep tests at home are preferred over in-lab studies because you can complete the study at a time that’s convenient for you. This is particularly useful for those who are home-bound, disabled, or elderly.

Order Home Sleep Study

    Unmatched Accuracy and Service

    Clinical correlation to in-lab PSG test

    Clinical correlation to in-lab PSG test

    Lowest documented failure rate keeps costs low

    Lowest documented failure rate keeps costs low

    Tests subject to clinical review

    Tests subject to clinical review

    ARES™ 620

    Get All the Data You Need from One Convenient Device

    ARESTM 620

    ARESTM Features and Benefits

    Get all the data from one convenient device

    ARES Home Sleep Test provides patients with a convenient, effective, and affordable alternative to traditional sleep testing.
    Wearing the ARESTM is both comfortable and convenient, and you can collect data without being inconvenienced by sleeping overnight at a lab location. This ensures higher completion-rates and better results, making it an excellent alternative to lab studies.


    Our next-generation design gives unmatched comfort for your patients.


    With the lowest documented failure rate in the market, we have the highest degree of accuracy.

    Flexible Options

    Various options are available for delivering our services to your practice and patient population.

    ARES Features and Benefits

    Patients can easily determine when the ARES device needs adjustment by the clear audio and visual indicators. Among the additional features and benefits are:

    • Sophisticated Sensors: One, small device with the most responsive data collectors Up to 3 Nights of Single Patient Testing
    • Capabilities: Three times the capacity of single-night testing
    • Multiple Data Channels: Provides comprehensive, detailed analysis of nine data channels
    • Easy Airflow Measurements: Wearing the ARES allows you to sleep more naturally
    • Calibrated Acoustic Microphone: Recording of snoring audio
    • Measures Head Position: The accelerometers measure head position on multiple axes
    • No Finger Probes: A more natural sleep experience
    • Audible Tone: Provides audio instructions during testing to minimize failures
    • More Data: More data allows doctors to diagnose patients more quickly