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SleepRx brings the best-quality sleep care online that you get from the board-certified sleep specialists. Our virtual practice allows you to meet us whenever it is convenient for you and schedule your appointment within 24 hours.

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We provide physician-led, patient-focused care at each step, from assessment and testing to treatment and follow-up. We provide online video discussions alongside home sleep study and CPAP equipment, and we deal with all features of f sleep and pulmonary care conveniently to ensure patients get the care they need.

Giving you the right care is the best way we get things done. On the off chance that you’re prepared to venture out toward getting the peaceful sleep you require, don’t wait. Get your first online consultation today:

Our sleep disorder specialists provide telemedicine services that make it simple and convenient for you to get the care you really want. We offer video consultations, and virtual therapy sessions to assist you with taking advantage of your consideration.

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Get the quality sleep care online that you deserve at SleepRx. SleepRx provides video consultation by our expert somnologist, follow-up visits, home sleep study testing, and device management. Our services are personalized, high-value, and convenient. Get an online consultation with our sleep disorder doctor today.

Sleep Medicine

Take a Home Sleep Study

Your sleep disorder doctor can determine if sleep apnea testing would be appropriate in your case after reviewing your signs, symptoms, and risk factors. After that, they can determine whether in-clinic or at-home testing is more appropriate for you. A sleep test device will be delivered to your home to take the home sleep study test.


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We provide you with a board-certified sleep disorder specialist for interpretation of the data you receive from your Home Sleep delivered wearable device. The results are provided to your sleeping disorder doctors for further recommendation.

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    Home Sleep Study

    Your sleeping disorder doctors may give you a simplified test to use at home to diagnose sleep apnea. A sleep test device will be delivered to your home and data will be collected to provide you with a clinical diagnosis.

    Online Screening

    This online sleep apnea test includes questions about snoring, tiredness, observed apnea, blood pressure, body mass index, age, neck circumference, and gender.

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